Mula Cake Bake Off- The Main Event

On Bank Holiday Monday, I again heard the phrase: "There needs to be more events like this."  May 26th saw the Lives Not Knives unit full of young people, older individuals and families who came to eat an abundance of cake at the Mula Cake Bake Off. However, this was no ordinary bake-off.  This bake-off … Continue reading Mula Cake Bake Off- The Main Event

Unemployment: Not Being Given a Chance

As young people struggle in their search to find a job, they find themselves hitting a particular wall over and over again, which knocks them down.  This wall is the potential employers who will not give them a chance. Speaking to a company yesterday who have a strong emphasis on youth employment, I gathered that … Continue reading Unemployment: Not Being Given a Chance

Violent Crime: A Growing Issue

It is disturbingly worrying to see so many young individuals turning to violence to resolve certain situations.  What is worst, however, is that they are turning to weapons to carry out their violent crimes, which results in further trauma. In this world, it appears that we have a problem with communication, especially us young people.  … Continue reading Violent Crime: A Growing Issue