Unemployment: Not Being Given a Chance

As young people struggle in their search to find a job, they find themselves hitting a particular wall over and over again, which knocks them down.  This wall is the potential employers who will not give them a chance.

Speaking to a company yesterday who have a strong emphasis on youth employment, I gathered that some organisations are not even willing to consider hiring young people, because of the bad press and negative reputation they have been given.  What it is that these organisations fail to realise is that the bad press does not tell the full story.

There are countless young individuals with amazing potential and a lot to give, but it is unlikely that you will ever hear about them.  There are also a number of talented individuals who spend hours and hours searching for jobs, but to no avail.

However, it is not only that organisations are unwilling to hire young people, but it is that they have no need to.  As the life expectancy rises, along with the prices of products and services, people are staying in their jobs for longer, meaning that positions that may have been potentially available to young people are now out of their reach.

If young people have no chance of gaining certain positions, then the government and employment sector need to be doing more to ensure that they are creating new positions for young people.

There also needs to be an increase in training for young people that will help them in the world of work, as some of them are lacking the necessary skills and experience, which also prevents them from being employed.  Too many organisations give young people the excuse that they “do not have the experience” for the job in question, but I always ask the question, how can young people gain experience without first being given a chance?

I understand that more prestigious or luxury companies and organisations require greater experience, because of their higher expectations and calibre, but there are other others who should at least be inviting particular individuals to interviews.

More emphasis needs to be put on training, as well as the benefits of volunteering from a young age, because this increases employability prospects as they get older.  Education will not guarantee employment, as there are numerous graduates who are not even being given a chance.

Too many young people are battling with unemployment, simply because they are not being given a chance and this needs to change.  So I ask you today, how can we create more jobs and what training facilities need to be put in place?  Are you willing to give a young people a chance?

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