Knife Crime is Becoming a Normality

As I sat watching the news yesterday and heard about a young man in South London being murdered by a group of teenagers, I immediately knew that it was a stabbing.  When I hear particular news items, I am now aware of when they are going to use the term “stab”, because knife crime has quickly become a normality.

No crime should become a normality, especially not a violent crime using a weapon that is tearing apart so many lives, but this is unfortunately the case in our society at present.  Young people use knives for a variety of reasons, as they try to solve any situation or intimidate others.

It is also becoming the norm for much younger individuals, aged 12 and 13, to use knives, which is remarkably worrying, because they already have a mindset that sees violence as the answer.  If they start using knives without giving their actions a second thought, don’t you worry about how their actions might intensify by the time they are 18 or 21?

Everyone should be able to walk the streets freely and safely, without having a to fear a blade being waved in their face.  However, this is no longer a certainty and it may have a major effect on the community if young people start a reign of terror.

Knife crime is escalating at an alarming rate and something needs to be done before it becomes a major crisis that no one can get under control.  There needs to be more government funding put into supporting young people and fighting the war against knife crime, which is likely to have a large impact, but ultimately young people need to start taking action and working together in their community.

It is sickening to realise that we have allowed knife crime to get so far that it has become a normality, but now is the time for us to step up to prevent it from going any further.  What can we do to address this issue, how can we best support the young people and how can we get to the root of why all these stabbings started?



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