Creative Futures Programme Day 2: Artist Management

The creative programme with Lives Not Knives continued, as we learnt about Artist Management.  Today’s valuable information and advice came from Sumit Bothra, partner at the creative management company ATC, which has offices in Camden and Los Angeles.

Sumit has been working in creative management for 13 years, after getting his start when an artist simply asked him to manage them.   Sumit helps to manage and build long-lasting global careers of artists in various creative industries, who he views as his business partners.

We learnt about when is the best time for an artist to get a manager, how managers operate and how much they earn, as well as how best to promote an artist and increase their presence.  Sumit told us that if a performer’s music is more universal, then it is easier for a manager to promote them.  He also stressed the importance of using the Internet, as websites like YouTube and SoundCloud can greatly increase your audience by your music being shared and spread around.

Networking is essential in artist management, as it is in any creative occupation.  Sumit says that when “you meet people and you vibe with people”, somebody might just call you up and offer you a job.  Rodney P, who is leading the programme, added, “You need to go out into the world to make things happen in the world.”

As we continue to embark on this project that will eventually lead to a live music show, Sumit told us that “it’s only going to be as successful as it is based on what you put into it”.  It is going to be hard work, but it is all about caring about what we’re doing and getting others to care.  Sumit added, “It’s amazing how hard you have to work to positively change someone’s life.”

We also got on to discussing the event itself and what would be required from each of us.  By working towards a music event, we are being given a general overview of the music industry while having the opportunity to turn our ideas into something real.  Teamwork is also extremely necessary to make the event a success – Sumit says that whatever they do in ATC always involves a team of people.

The hard work really starts next Tuesday, when responsibilities will be given out and we will begin in-depth planning for the main event on July 26th, which we hope will showcase young, up and coming talent alongside well-known acts.  We have also been given a real budget that will enable us to book acts and buy anything we may need for the day.

There are still places available and it would great to have more young people working alongside side us.  So if you’re 16 – 24, unemployed and on Jobseekers, interested in the music industry and want to develop your skills, then come to the Lives Not Knives unit in Centrale next Tuesday at 2pm when we’ll be focusing on all things digital.

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