Creative Futures Programme Day 4: Events Management

Day 4 of the Creative Futures Programme with Lives Not Knives and Rodney P gave us a lesson on events management by labels manager, Jean-Claude Charnier.  Jean-Claude has two companies – management company, Lionbeat, and events promotion company, Trinity Music London.

Jean-Claude entered into the music industry through promotion, which he says is the easiest way to get into the industry, as you have the opportunity to meet individuals from various sectors.

However, before you start promoting an event, Jean-Claude says that it is essential for you to find your identity and establish a strong identity.  You also need to work out what it as that you want to promote – whatever music you’re into, find out what that’s about and put that into your identity.

He also mentioned that how you present your promotion is critical – Rodney said: “You need to have something that draws people’s attention.”  You need to think about what you want to promote and have a particular tone of voice, which should be snappy and interesting.  Jean-Claude let us into a secret, saying that having gumption is the most important thing.

It is also essential to carry out research, so you not only know what you’re talking about, but so that you can also figure out what you are actually allowed to do.  Jean-Claude said: “You always have to present in a certain way.”

As there is a lot of intricacy to event management, it is important to break down the event.  You need to consider set times, travel for artists and whether they will be having a sound check, security and the guest list.

It is essential to make your artists feel comfortable – such as keeping them well fed and hydrated – as it will have an effect on your long-term relationship.  Looking at equipment hire and being prepared is also extremely important, as you want to be establishing what the requirements are well in advance.

There are also three crucial people that you need to be effectively communicating with during the running of the event.  They are the venue manager, bar manager and the sound engineer (who is possibly the most important of the three).  These three individuals will help to ensure that your event runs smoothly and efficiently.  Getting to know your team is a must when putting on an event.

However, before you can even start booking artists, you need to establish how much money you have to spend, as budgeting is crucial.  Rodney emphasised this point by saying that “budgeting is the thing that will make you or sink you”.

Jean-Claude spoke to us about approaching local brands and companies, who could possibly sponsor our event.  He told us to look at ‘disruptor brands’, which are the newer brands who want to break out into the market, as they would probably be most likely to help us.

After Jean-Claude’s presentation, we started to get into the nitty gritty of the planning for our event on July 26th, which is drawing ever closer.  We’ve decided that we want a mix of urban and acoustic artists, with some other little bits thrown in, so we discussed the artists that we would like to perform and starting getting into contact with them.

There were also conversations regarding promotions, sponsorship, possible MCs and our digital marketing strategy.  However, we would still love input from other young people, so if you are 16-24, unemployed and on Jobseekers in the Croydon borough, come over to the Lives Not Knives unit on the top floor of Centrale tomorrow at 2pm.

We are also looking for potential sponsors, MCs and a young band who is based in Croydon, so if you are interested in getting involved with this community event that will be empowering young people, please get in contact with me via Facebook (Shaniqua Benjamin) or Twitter (@ShanqMarie/@YPInsight).

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