Creative Futures Programme Day 7: Un-Convention

Our eyes were opened to what our event could actually turn out like, as we heard from Ruth Daniel, who is part of the music events organisation, Un-Convention.  Ruth started out as a musician at a very young age, who then went on perform in bands and start her own record label.

However, she eventually began to see that the music industry was changing and that the old models were broken, as the age of digital opportunity came about.  The traditional music industry was saying that music was dead, but Ruth’s label did not agree and they decided to put on an event to prove this, while also bringing people together.

Un-Convention was born and even though the organisation had no money, they made it happen.  Part of the organisation’s mission statement is, “Un-Convention doesn’t believe in ‘do it yourself’.  We believe in do it together”, which is what we need to take on board when putting our event in place.


Un-Convention is also an innovative organisation, who looks at the political and social reasons why people make music –  they talk about things that are slightly different and ask how music can change people’s lives.  They are also quite unconventional, hosting events on boats, in car parks and on the street, as well as other more conventional venues.

The organisation has a global reach, having worked with thousands of people around the world, but they always make sure to work with the locals.  They are also currently developing a number of cultural spaces in different locations around the world.

As we learnt more about the events that Un-Convention had put on, including a 12 hour music event when those in attendance were able to receive the recorded album at the end, Rodney P said that “we need to think bigger”.  Ruth also mentioned that we might have the opportunity to connect our event with other music communities around the world, but we still have a while to go yet.


Ruth said that we should think about who inspires us and how we can get them to perform  at our event, as well as thinking about what other young people want to talk about and what they want to hear.  We realised that we need to get back out there and speak to young people about what they want, just like we spoke to them regarding the name of our event.  It is also important for us to come up with a strategy to get young people engaged and responding to us.

As we continued to discuss about how our event would come together, Ruth told us that “it’s about coming up with a master plan… The aim is to get that outline of how the whole day works… [and]… then full in the gaps”.  She advised us to get a set schedule for the day, sort out the programme, think about who we want to get involved, consider what we need to make it all happen and to promote the most sellable aspects of the event.

We also spoke about getting a studio and an individual in to do the sound, as well as the prospect of a panel discussion.  However, we now need to consider potential topics and individuals who would have the knowledge to be part of the panel discussion.  Ruth also said that we should invite industry people to our event and get them to see what we’ve done.


We want to involve as many people in the community as possible, so we’re looking for any local businesses who are willing to sponsor us and we want to hear from any other young people who want to get involved, especially on the actual day of the event.  We are still looking for a band and some female acts, who do not have to be from Croydon, so please do get in touch with us.

The flyers and posters should be coming soon, the final name of the event should be decided tomorrow and it won’t be long before we reveal our confirmed acts to you.  However, we also want to hear from the young people about what music they like and what UK talent they enjoy listening to; you never know, we may be able to book them.

Follow us on Twitter (@FuturesPositve) and like our Facebook page (Positive Future); and again, if there are any young people aged 16-24, unemployed and on Jobseekers who are interested in working on this project with us, come to the Lives Not Knives unit in Centrale tomorrow at 2pm tomorrow.


As an extra special treat for you, here is the final edit of the track that we created using the software programme, Ableton.  This is ‘LNK Feeling’.  Enjoy it.

P1120654 2

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