Lack of Respect

During my time away last week, I was again made aware of the lack of respect that young people have not only for their elders, but for each other.  This is an issue that has bothered me for a long period of time, mainly because I feel that a lack of respect is one of the factors behind many of the issues that young people are wrapped up in.

Young people not only have a lack of respect for those around them, but they also have quite a distorted view of respect, which I struggle to understand.  It is as if they think that respect goes hand in hand with power, violence and unruly behaviour, but that is not what respect should be.  Respect is about treating others fairly, exhibiting manners and speaking to people in the right way.

This misunderstanding of respect also means that respect for human life in general has gone out the window for many young individuals, which means that they will carry out acts of violence – especially stabbings – without a second thought.

It seems that this lack of respect worsens as the ages get younger, which is an extremely worrying factor and makes me determined to understand why young people choose to show disrespect.

I would like to hear your views on this subject and how you think we could address this issue, as there is so much more to say, which I plan to focus on in a future piece.

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