Creative Futures Programme Day 13: Debates

After being away for a week, I finally returned to the LNK unit for the Creative Futures Programme, where we discussing the debate element of ‘Positive Summer Vibes’.  We were joined by Daniel Harran and the ‘SONS’ from online community radio station, EDGE fm.

We knew that a number of debate segments would be a definite, but the topics for these debates were still up in the air.  Our own debates broke out during the session, as we decided on the topics that would be most effective on the day.  We spoke about the effect of music on the mind and stereotypes in society, as well as mentioning urban culture, the race issue and the faith issue, amongst other things.


However, after some consideration and seriously in-depth conversations, we decided on three main topics and a possible fourth, which relate to not only young people, but also our elders.  We also noted the importance of having some kind of resolution at the end of the debates, rather than just leaving the subject all up in the air after a heated discussion.


After time spent with the guys from EDGE fm, we continued to speak about what exactly we would need for July 26th and what plans we would need to put in place beforehand.  Now that we know the event will be running from 10am until 6pm and that there will be live music, food, fashion, debates and stalls up, we need to sort out the exact time frame and how we’re going to fill the hours.

However, we still need more female artists and a band who will be willing to perform, and we would really like to find a reggae or dancehall artist.  It would also be great to have more young people involved with this project – you will gain skills, have a lot of fun and make new friends.  So if you’re 16-24, unemployed and on Jobseekers, come down to the LNK unit in Centrale next Tuesday at 2pm.  It would be great to see you there.

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