Creative Futures Programme Day 15

As July 26th continues to draw nearer, we are putting all of the wheels in motion to ensure that our live music event will be a success.  Slowly but surely, all of the elements are beginning to fall into place as we work together to get the job done.

We have now booked almost all of our artists, but we are still on the lookout for a reggae or dancehall act to bring the ultimate summer vibes on the day.  Our confirmed artists include Ragz CV, Anjelo Disons, Amy True, Tubby Boy, Deep Vocalz and our headline act, Logic.  We have also decided on three debate topics, including the topic of chasing your dreams, which is very close to my heart.


Today, the finishing touches were made on our poster, which should be released very soon – we can’t wait for you to see it.  We also started work on the schedule for the day and drew out the floor plan for the LNK unit, so that we would know how much space we have to work with.


A number of other discussions also took place amongst our Creative Futures family, including a focus on the type of food that we can sell and what would be would be ideal for a feature wall.  We were also re-joined by Millik, who is like the baby brother and was celebrating his 18th birthday, so Happy Birthday Millik.


Although we are getting the work done, we would still love the involvement of more young people, so if you’re 16-24, unemployed and on Jobseeksers, come to the LNK unit in Centrale tomorrow at 2pm.  We would love to see you then and we’ll give you a big warm welcome.


If you want any more information on Positive Summer Vibes, please follow @FuturesPositive on Twitter or like the page ‘Positive Summer Vibes’ on Facebook.

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