Creative Futures Programme Day 16

Today was the day when we finally completed our poster!  After numerous alterations, grammatical corrections and colour adjustments, we found a way to create the perfect poster that would appeal to young people and reflect our summer theme.  The big reveal for our poster will come shortly, so make sure you stay tuned for that.


There was much talk of legalities and Health and Safety measures today, regarding the artists and of course the food for ‘Positive Summer Vibes’.  Once that is all sorted out, it will be all systems go and we can really charge ahead with our planning.  We will also need to consider who will sit on the panels for our debate segments, which should be interesting and I can’t wait to get stuck into that.


It is looking like it is going to be a very good day as everything starts to come together, which will energise young people and bring positive energy into their lives.  Positive energy is especially important in somewhere like Croydon, which gets so much bad press, and I am glad that young people are proving that they are willing work hard and that they can do great things.

This is a great opportunity for young people to get involved with and we would greatly appreciate the help in the planning and running of the day, so please get in contact if you are 16-24 and unemployed.  Better yet, come and see us at the LNK unit in Centrale tomorrow between 2pm and 5pm.


The Creative Futures team would love to interact with you and we want you to engage with us, which you can do by following us on Twitter (@FuturesPositive) and liking our Facebook page (Positive Summer Vibes).  Keep sharing the love.

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