Creative Futures Programme Day 17

With just over two weeks until ‘Positive Summer Vibes’ comes to the LNK Unit in Croydon, we had to get a move on with the overall planning of the event.  Although the wheels have been set in motion, they are moving at a slow, but steady pace, as we continue to make sure that everything is set in place.

Our poster is bright and gorgeous (if I say so myself), bursting with the summer vibes that we want to get across to our audience.  By next week, they should be coming to a wall near you and the leaflets should be in your hands if you happen to be in Croydon Town Centre.  We actually can’t wait to get out there to hand out leaflets, as it will enable us to interact further with the public and increase the community spirit.

We had a deeper discussion about the individuals that we would like to sit on our debate panels, as we need to get in touch with people from the necessary fields.  The SONS from EDGE fm have already starting researching into some of the debate topics, as they will be our hosts for that particular segment, but we will need to carry out our own research into who would be our ideal panelists.


Right now, it all feels incredibly business-like, as we make numerous phone calls, organise meetings and write countless letters and e-mails, but that is what the Creative Futures Programme is all about.  It is allowing each of us involved to learn new skills, develop existing ones and learn things about ourselves that we didn’t know before, which is great and I’m loving it.


Keep in touch with us by following @FuturesPositive on Twitter and liking Positive Summer Vibes on Facebook, as it will allow us to interact you while providing you with more information on our event.  We are going to make July 26th a really great day, full of amazing, positive vibes.

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