Creative Futures Programme Day 18: In Depth Preparation

It was all about hard work and taking major steps forward during Day 18 of the Creative Futures programme.  Agencia’s Ruth Daniel was back with to help us pull off what she calls an “incredible event”, as she told us that we “need to move fast now”.

Although we have got a lot done over a short time, we still have quite a significant amount of work today in the last two weeks.  However, we are bound to get it done if we pull together and put in some hard graft.  It is also essential for us to now blag, beg and borrow, due to the cut in our budget, but we are resourceful young people with some great help behind us.

Together, we worked on the logistics and overall running of the event, as they will be most important to ensure that ‘Positive Summer Vibes’ runs smoothly.  We wrote out the full, extensive schedule for the day, which Inno (19) and Ijeoma (24) started to put into a spreadsheet, and considered the furniture that would be needed for the final layout, which was left to Andrae (23) to sort out.


There was also an extensive discussion regarding a reggae artist or DJ, which we believe is essential for our event and we might just be that step closer to finding that person.  We also began to contact the individuals that could potentially be sitting on our debate panels, as that is a very important part of our day that will get the young people involved.  Nevertheless, what we really need to focus on now is the admin, tech and promotion factors for our event, which we touched on slightly.


Our little group was “vibed” and “excited”, as we got stuck into the different tasks that we were assigned to do.  We can feel July 26th getting closer and closer, and I don’t think that any of us can wait for the day to come.  I’m also very excited about seeing our printed fliers and posters, and getting out in Croydon to give them to the public and various local businesses.  It should be great fun.


Keep up to date with ‘Positive Summer Vibes’ by following us on Twitter (@FuturesPositive) or liking the Facebook page (Positive Summer Vibes).  We’d love to interact with you.

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