Creative Futures Programme Day 20: Getting Out There

The Creative Futures team continued the in-depth preparations for Positive Summer Vibes, as the day draws nearer and nearer.  We discussed the debate segment of the day, started to assign the necessary job roles and made a promotional plan for the upcoming week.

Most of the individuals for the debate panels have been decided upon and those in question have agreed to take part, and the SONS from EDGE fm are well under way with their research into the debate topics.  One of our own, Lizzy (18), will also be sitting on the ‘Teenage Sex’ debate panel, so look out for her.


Unfortunately our poster and leaflets did not arrive until Saturday, which meant that we were unable to hand them out to the public, but we did go and visit a number of shops to ask if they would keep some leaflets or a poster in store.  However, this week we will deliver a bunch of leaflets to various stores and hand out leaflets to the Croydon public, which we have been longing to do for some weeks now.

Positive Summer Vibes Poster

Although we are taking steps forward in our arrangements and putting the final pieces into place, we are still facing adversity and new problems seem to be popping up.  Nevertheless, we are determined to make our event a success and we are doing what we can to fix any problems that arise.


This week, we will spend our last few days preparing for Positive Summer Vibes, which we are all looking forward to.  We also want to interact with you, so follow @FuturesPositive on Twitter and like Positive Summer Vibes on Facebook.  Keep sharing the love.

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