Creative Futures Programme Day 21: Promotion

The final few days before Positive Summer Vibes are all about promotion, promotion, promotion.  Although we do have other tasks to get on with and certain factors that need seeing to, promotion is our main focus in a bid to make our event a success.

We got a first look at our printed flyers and posters, which arrived at the LNK unit on Saturday.  After having a short debrief and talking over our debates with one of the members of the SONS from EDGE fm, we were able to get out there with those flyers and posters.

Andrae (23) and myself (21) hit the streets of Croydon Town Centre to interact with young people while handing out flyers.  Jayne (20) and Deakon (19) returned to the shops, providing them with posters and leaflets to put in display.  Inno (19) did a little bit of both, alternating between time spent speaking to the public and getting leaflets in various establishments.

Deakon and Jayne also got started on our promotional board at the entrance of the LNK unit, which will be right in the view of all those walking by.  However, there is still lots more promotion to do and tomorrow the work continues.  We will be speaking to schools and colleges, putting our leaflets in libraries and getting out on the street again.

Promotion over social media is also essential, so if you haven’t already, follow @FuturesPositive on Twitter and like Positive Summer Vibes on Facebook.  We need your support to help make this event a success.

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