Creative Futures Programme Day 23

Yesterday was the final day of the Creative Futures Programme, as Positive Summer Vibes comes to the LNK unit in Croydon tomorrow from 10am until 6pm.  After six weeks of preparation, learning new skills, gaining nuggets of knowledge and building up a network, our project had come to a close.

However, yesterday was not a time for sad goodbyes or getting sentimental, because there was still much work to be done in order for us to be ready for the event on Saturday.  Of course, promotion was still key, which meant that hip hop artist Rodney P, Andrae and myself were handing out leaflets to the public in Croydon Town Centre.  It was a fun yet gruelling task, which left me with aching feet by the end of day, but the young people seemed to respond quite well.

Positive Summer Vibes Leaflets

There were also some final plans that had to be put firmly in place in order for the day to run successfully and be as enjoyable as possible for the young people in attendance.  Everyone now has their set roles, so they should know exactly what they’re doing tomorrow and be prepared for hard work, but an overall enjoyable day.


Although the Creative Futures programme will have come to an end this Saturday, we hope to put on an event like this again and continue to work with the young people of the community.  We have gained and learnt so much over these past weeks, and we hope that this can become a genuine business venture.


We would still like for you to follow us on Twitter (@FuturesPositive) and like our Facebook page (Positive Summer Vibes), so continue to share the love.  And make sure you come down to the event tomorrow where there will be lots of positive vibes, so don’t miss out.

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