How can we prevent knife crime?

Today I read a news report about yet another young man being stabbed to death.  However, this piece not only contained information about the stabbing of this young man, but also the stabbing of two other young men.  It is also suspected that one of these individuals was stabbed by a teenage girl, which is a rather unusual occurrence.

Although reported numbers of knife murders have fallen in recent years, knife crime remains a serious issue that shows no signs of faltering.  There seems to be a continuous flow of news stories on knife crime, whether they  are reports on stabbings, possession or laws.

Numerous lives are being affected by knife crime, which is causing outrage, as some ask for tougher sentencing, and a surge in community spirit, as a number of individuals set up charities and organisations in a bid to fix this problem.  Nevertheless, young people continue to carry and use knives, and they seem to have no intention of stopping.

Knife crime is a poison that is infecting the young community and we need to find a way to stop this poison from spreading any further.  Whatever laws that have been put in place do not appear to be having the desired effect, so we need to take action to prevent it.  As young people, we really need to pull together and figure out the best way to do this, because young people respond better to other young people.

However, it all comes down to working out the best way to reach out to young people and prevent knife crime, because until that happens, it will continue to hurt the young community until there is no going back.  So how do you think that we can prevent knife crime?

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