Knife crime has become a part of everyday life

Last night, I shook my head in disbelief as I read about yet another young man being stabbed do death.  The utter shock I felt was not because a young man had been stabbed, but rather that it was another to add to the numerous stabbings that had taken place over the past week.  I am sure that a stabbing has been reported in the news every day, since last Monday, and a number of them have been fatalities.

Tears filled my eyes as I read about one more life being thoughtlessly taken away from this earth and the people who loved him.  Sadness clouded my heart as I thought of the ripple effect that this one pointless act would have on so many others lives, including that of the offender.  But most of all, I felt sick to my stomach as I considered the utter lack of respect for life that so many young people seem to have.  When did they stop caring?

Why has knife crime become a normal occurrence in our society?  It worries me sincerely, because I am starting to feel that we are running out of time to put a stop to it.  It seems that using knives is becoming an everyday activity for the young and they won’t hesitate in using them, no matter how ridiculous the circumstances may be.  Carrying knives seemed to revolve heavily around feelings of safety, but now I think that it is more than that.  Knife crime appears to have escalated into something else altogether and it is quite disturbing.

Yet what disturbs me the most is that it could be someone I love who is the next victim of a knife attack, and I could not bear to see that happen.  Although there wasn’t six stabbings in ten days, this recent knife attack took place in Croydon, the borough in which I live.  This fatality was about 15 minutes away from my home and all I could think was, that could have been my friend.  Nowadays, anyone could be at the sharp end of the knife for any little reason, and I think that is what worries me the most.

We need to be doing something to reach out and talk to these young people, get to the real root of the problem and understand why carrying knives has become a normal part of their lives.  It is absolutely essential that we take action now, because this is a problem that is already out of control and it is getting more and more difficult to rein it in.  The lives of our young people are at stake.


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