Lay Down Your Weapons – Case: Knives

It is interesting to read this young person’s thoughts on knife crime and where she thinks the issues stem from.

Hopefully more young people will take some of these things into consideration and put down their knives.

It is pointless to ruin the lives of yourself and others with one little mistake involving a knife.


First things first, this post is not intended to cause offence to anyone and if you are offended then I do apologise in advance but this is my opinion. In despite of my sarcasm, this post should be taken seriously as the issues described are of a sensitive nature.

Unfortunately we have no choice but to live in a world where crime is inevitable, think about it – if crime did not exist a lot of people would be out of a profession because some occupations only exist due to crime being present. Imagine a world with no law enforcement agents…

So, one can assume that crime exists so that society has a balance, Functionalist thinkers believe that society would collapse and fail without crime. What do you think? Did you ever think of crime as a way for society to function? Probably not.

However, although we are faced with…

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