Impact and Tribute – What it is like to lose someone that was like an Angel on Earth

Naiya is a 20-year-old blogger who is dedicated to spreading awareness through writing.

She shares what it felt like to lose a close friend to knife crime, which encouraged her to start using her writing as an informative tool.

You can follow her on Twitter, @OpinionsOfNaiya


The life changing events that are described below are what encouraged me to start using my writing skills as an informative tool to spread awareness. 

The issues revealed in this post are extremely sensitive and are very deep-rooted for me and others, in this case, if you do not have anything positive to say then please refrain from leaving any comments or judgments – this post is unique and means a lot to me. Everything in this post is real – the victim’s name has been changed for publishing purposes.

It took a lot to be able to write this piece – this is where I began to change the negative into a positive. Thank you in advance. 

(In this section I will talk only about the outcome and my feelings, if you do not wish to read this part, please scroll down to “Tribute”).


Finding out that the people responsible for…

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