How much do we value our lives?

A powerful post by Naiya on knife crime, with many points made that I completely agree with. A lack of respect for life is definitely a huge issue among young people.


Just to kick this post off I’d like to thank everyone that read my previous post and shared it 🙂 Cold Pavement –

As you may or may not know, my main goal is to be able to deter young people from crime and especially knife crime.

Knife crime never disappeared, but it did decrease and now it has increased to the point where everyday since the start of summer I’ve been hearing about more and more youths passing away or being injured as a result of knife crime.

Recently, I’ve learned of the death of a young man that dedicated his time and effort into helping young people and spreading awareness about knife crime and to be honest I’m deeply saddened.

When you partake in youth work it is sometimes difficult to seperate your feelings and remain purely objective towards everything that occurs. I confuse a lot of…

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