Back to School

It was back to school for young people this week,

Some starting secondary school or sixth form for the first time.

Maybe others will be returning to college,

After the holidays, it’s a return to the classroom.

School can be a whole lot of fun,

With the friends you make and teachers you learn from.

You may not realise it now,

But school can be the best days of your life,

Before you know it you’ll be out in the real world,

Working hard to get by.

However, it’s not all about having fun,

And unfortunately, these days the pressure is piling on,

With regular exams and evaluations,

Which seems to have become the norm with education.

Some are in the early stages,

Preparing to start their SATs, A-levels or GCSEs,

Readying themselves for those illustrious exams in Spring.

They need to be reassured that exams are not everything,

And they can succeed in life without them,

Because mental health issues are on the rise,

And the constant pressure isn’t helping them get by.

School needs to be a more protective environment,

Allowing the students to be themselves,

Boosting them through the exam process,

And encouraging them to pursue what they love.

There is so much more for young people to learn,

Than just the standard lessons on the curriculum,

Which is what they should be championing in education,

Getting the best out of the students within the system.

Photo by Avolore and used under Creative Commons License.
Photo by Avolore and used under Creative Commons License.

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