The Recurring Problem

Unemployment.   A recurring problem,

Showing no sign of going away,

No matter what you might hear them say.

Youth unemployment figures,

Yo-yoing up and down,

But not actually telling the full story,

Not revealing the full extent of the problem.

Young people like hamsters,

Running round and round in a wheel,

Asking for experience, but first needing experience,

So getting none and getting nowhere,

Whirling around in their feelings of despair.

Some have graduated,

Holding a rolled up piece of paper that serves no purpose;

Some haven’t thrived in education,

Hiding skills they’re not given a chance to show.

In need of that money,

Some youth find themselves in the Job Centre,

Having to take money from the system,

That may have screwed them over.

A depressing experience,

Usually making them feel worse,

When advisors make you feel it’s your fault,

That you can’t find work.

Instead of being helpful, supportive,

They’re cold, patronising,

Not listening to your true needs,

Like where you want to be in life,

And what may be your dream.

Others may not be about benefits,

But they need a way to get on the bread line,

So what seems like the next best thing?

Why not resort to crime?

Selling drugs or robbing houses ain’t right,

But at least you’ll have somewhere to sleep at night,

Or money to buy the latest shoes and clothes,

And keep paying that contract for your smart phone.

What so many individuals fail to understand,

Is that searching for jobs is no easy demand.

Regular rejections leaving you feeling worthless,

Having no job resulting in feelings of uselessness,

Thinking that your dreams are pointless,

And your self-esteem gets less and less.

The youth need more chances,

To show employers their true worth,

To get opportunities in their chosen fields,

To get that experience they desperately need.

But more than that,

Youth need more support and understanding,

While they’re going through that period of job-hunting,

Because it’s not easy when they’re trying and trying,

But the reality of getting a job seems to be dying.

Image by niekverlaan and used under Creative Commons License.
Image by niekverlaan and used under Creative Commons License.


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