A Clouded View

We’ve been brought into a world,

Thrown into a society,

Where it’s as if young people,

Are willed to fail.

A government,

Which seems to hate us,

Media that for some reason,

Wants to demonise us.

Elders that want to make decisions for us,

Not allowing us to have our say,

Preferring us to complain but stay quiet,

So they can throw blame our way.

When it comes to the young,

Too much focus is on the bad,

Making others miss out,

On all the good that’s at hand.

Youth are often looked at,

Through a clouded view,

With individuals,

Seeing what they want to see,

Rather than cleaning the fog from their eyes,

And seeing the hidden truths.

Sometimes it’s about looking beyond the actions,

Seeing the person lurking inside,

Giving them a chance to prove themselves,

Rather than casting them aside.

Perhaps there are young people,

Who simply need one person to believe,

In what they can be,

What they can achieve,

Instead of judging them harshly.

That boy you see as annoying, foolish,

Is actually incredibly smart,

But you didn’t take time to get to know him,

Getting distracted by the messing around.

That girl who’s “obsessed” with her appearance,

Is more vulnerable than you think,

But instead of sitting and talking to her,

You brush her off because of her “vanity”.

And that young person selling drugs on road,

Has one of the most beautiful hearts you’ll see,

Yet you think he’s not worth knowing,

Put off by the presence of cocaine or weed.

There’s a so much more to young people,

That most don’t realise,

Neglecting their kindness, humour, intelligence,

Because of the scales in their eyes.

And what about the young people starting businesses,

The ones volunteering in their communities,

The young carers, young geniuses, young activists,

Or the ones simply following their hopes and dreams?

Young people are not perfect,

And not every individual wants to strive for the best,

But take time out to get to know them,

Hear their side of the story,

Get an understanding of the character underneath.

It’s time to stop believing all the negativity,

You hear and see,

Otherwise nothing will change,

In this split society.


6 thoughts on “A Clouded View

  1. Reblogged this on Inside My Head and commented:

    I find it frustrating that so many individuals see young people through a clouded view, applying labels to them and forcing them to stick.

    There is a whole lot more to so many young individuals, but this is ignored and glossed over, because of what people “think” they are. This is my expression through poetry.


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