Cold Pavement

Powerful piece on knife crime by fellow young blogger, Naiya, who is dedicated to spreading awareness through writing.

You can follow her on Twitter, @OpinionsOfNaiya


How did I end up here?

On this cold pavement, on this cold night, it might be summer but it doesn’t feel right.

Did I get into a fight?

I don’t know what happened, all I know is that I’m laying on this cold pavement.  I can smell the cold air, I can feel warm hands. 

Why is she saying that I’ve been stabbed?

Am I bleeding, bleeding fear?

I’m unsure and I don’t understand. I want to go home now, this cold pavement is uncomfortable. Help me up, make me stand, I want to stand.  

Is that the ambulance or the police sirens filling my ears?

If it’s the police can they take me home so that I can hug my mum?

Everything is dark, I’m trying to open my eyes but I can’t.


Who are you?

Of course I can hear you, just…

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