A Call to Get Involved

Today I’m going to do something a little different.  This post is a call out to you, all my young people, asking you to share, share, share and speak out on Young People Insight as it moves forward.

I love writing and delving deeper into the issues effecting young people, or telling the stories of inspiring young people doing amazing things.  However, I want there to be more from other young people, more posts of you telling your stories in your own words.

I want Young People Insight to be more than just one or two young people writing, but I want there to eventually be hundreds of young people writing.  Your authentic writing and inspiring truths will make a big difference and tell the stories the media hide or fail to tell us.

Consider the stories you could tell, think about what is important to you and express what changes you would make to better your community.  Once you have your idea, get in contact and send your post over to me.  I promise, the only thing I will change are grammatical errors, as I want to post raw, honest pieces that show the real you.

You can get in contact by the Twitter handle, @YPInsight, the Facebook page, Young People  Insight, or by emailing me at shaniquab29@yahoo.co.uk

So please, get involved and share, share, share.


Share your insight

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