Launching My Short Film: ‘What Would You Say?’

As you know, last week I launched the short film I made with youth charity, Fixers, in my hometown of Croydon, where the film was also shot back in September.  There was a good turnout, as we enjoyed an intimate gathering in Project B to watch the film and engage in discussions. The reaction to … Continue reading Launching My Short Film: ‘What Would You Say?’

Embracing His Calling: Reece’s Story

When I asked Reece Thompson if he had always wanted to be an artist, his response was, "I had no choice.  I tried to get away but my hand is attracted to paintbrushes like banks to cheques and teenagers to phones." I met Reece, 24, the straightforward young man who has a beautiful way with … Continue reading Embracing His Calling: Reece’s Story