Celebrating Live Mag UK: Insight from the Contributors

At Christmas, Live Mag UK came to an end, after 15 years of giving young people a voice and providing them with invaluable journalism experience.  However, the magazine (later online platform) created for young people by young people deserves to be celebrated.

Love Live Live

What made Live truly special was the people.  On Saturday, you got a little insight from the final two editors of Live, but today is all about the contributors.  As someone who contributed to Live myself, I can say that it was an amazing, unique and fun experience, but I’ll let some of my fellow contributors fill you in on their personal Live experiences.

Andre Live MagAndre spent two years as a contributor for Live, which gave him a voice on “all things film, business, interviews and the like”.  It also taught him “more about using existing marketing, advertising, campaigns as tools to break new, existing, stories”.

According to Andre, what makes Live so special is “the fact that it’s a different world to what I am used to when working within creative and arts industries, especially in the office. As you go in, the atmosphere has a cool and creative vibe.”

C-Jay Live MagC-Jay spent six months contributing to Live, coming to seek opportunities that would help her to reach her ambition.  During her time at Live, C-Jay learnt “that taking risks is good, sometimes they will be good but sometimes they will be bad but you’ll never know. I should continuously strive towards what I believe in and never give up.”

During the surprise ‘Live Mag Awards’, C-Jay received the award for ‘Most Read Article’ — “It was SO shocking, I truly was not expecting it. Personally, I wrote the article because it was something that interested me and didn’t realise that it would interest others. I was overjoyed and realised that if I were to change my ambition to being a journalist, I may be able to.

Sophia Live MagSophia came to Live because she had to find work experience for school and started contributing in summer 2015.  During that time, her favourite article written would be “the TPAB review. I’m in love with hip hop as a whole and Kendrick Lamar. I was super glad I was able to share my thoughts with everyone.”

Sophia said: “I have learnt many things from Live. I have learnt about how other minds work (not just my own) as I’m constantly asking for others opinions… I have also learned to take risks and not be afraid of who I am. A young, black female. The industry is dominated by a particular demographic and I want to be able to push through and make my mark. I won’t be afraid to bring council estates and Morleys to a prestigious building I don’t care!”

Malachi Live MagAlthough Malachi only contributed “on one occasion due to work/study commitments”, he “found Live to be a very welcoming and informed bunch of people”.  He made the decision to contribute because he believes “youth led journalism is badly needed in an industry where our voices are seldom ever heard”.

Malachi’s reason for coming to Live ties directly in with his thoughts on what makes it so special: “Live is special because they create opportunities for young people to have their voices heard. Something that is not happening enough.”

Shanice Live MagShanice‘s time with Live was short, contributing once in 2015 when Live worked with the Guardian to create a special, one-off print edition of Live Magazine, but also carrying out work experience with Livity.  However, it didn’t stop her from winning the award of Social Media G at the ‘Live Mag Awards’ — “Social Media G, that title alone is just sick lol. I was super happy, like the experience was enough, but to get an award and really feel appreciated was just awesome.”

Shanice came to Live, because she wanted to explore youth culture and arts, which she felt Live and Livity represented.  During her time at Live, she learnt “about really embracing your individuality and [that] every voice matters, which I sort of already knew. But sharing stories and spending time with the team made it real for me.”

Live Zine
Live Zine Front Cover

Live has a special place in the hearts of so many young people and it will be missed by all of us.  Sophia said, “I’m going to miss the people, the vibes and even the long ass stair case! I guess I’m just going to miss the whole thing.”

So thank you Live for everything and all that’s left are two final messages from C-Jay and Shanice.

“I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me, although I contributed for a short time. I wish we could’ve met each other earlier. I’ll always cherish the memories I made whilst being here and continue striving towards my ambition.” – C-Jay

“Live was the starter for many and even though it’s going their ethos lives on, so really Live ain’t going nowhere cuz the young people and supporters will stay representing! Long Live Live!” – Shanice

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