Young People Insight February Forum Info

We’re fully into the month of February, after flying through January, which means that the next Young People Insight forum is coming up.

Photo by @ChineloChizea and used with permission.
Photo by @ChineloChizea and used with permission.

Following on from the responses and feedback I received last month, the February forum will focus on the subject of employment.  Employment is something that many young people feel strongly about for a variety of reasons.

There is the struggle of finding work after graduating, often resulting in graduates taking jobs that have nothing to do with the field they studied for, or in some cases, do not even require a degree.  Sometimes there is the barrier of being under qualified, or more strangely, “over qualified”.  And there is that constant nagging question of whether employers will even give them the chance, as well as that frustrating thing called “experience”.

Although the reported number of unemployed young people (aged 16-24) has decreased, this does not tell the full story and it does not address the countless other problems that young people face in regards to employment.  Even if more young people are employed, how many of them are actually being paid a substantial wage?  How many of them will be able to afford to buy a house in the near future?

Numerous questions could be raised surrounding youth employment and I’m sure that there would be countless responses from a variety of young people.  So if you’re 16-25, join the discussion on Tuesday 16th February.  We’ll be meeting in Project B (1 Bell Hill, Croydon CR0 1FB) from 6.30-8.30pm.  Come ready to speak your mind, meet new people and munch on some food.  Hope to see you there.

YP Insight Forum 2

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