Guest Post: Attending the Vlogstar Challenge Event

Chinelo Chizea, 18, tells us about her experience at the Vlogstar Challenge, a one-day workshop that gave 15-25 year-olds the skills and confidence to develop “powerful and compelling blogs”.

On Sunday 17th of April 2016, I took part in the Vlogstar Challenge after being told about it by Shaniqua Benjamin.  This event was a video blogging training workshop hosted by the World Heart Beat Music Academy.

The program began at 10am at the Academy, where I was warmly welcomed.  It was led by a producer and former employee of the BBC.  He began by discussing the basics of vlogging and the aspects which are to be considered when filming yourself.

First of all, lighting, which is very important. When filming, you should make sure that you have good lighting, either natural or artificial. The lighting should enable you to appear bolder and 3D-like, in order to interact with your viewers.

When vlogging, you should have thought about a topic and make little bullet points about your topic and script your session – not long notes because you would appear unprofessional reading from a script.

The next tip we were given was on the editing softwares we can use.  He introduced us to YouTube Capture for iOS and Splice, which are free apps, as well as iMovie.  He advised us that aside from using our computers for editing, we can also make use of our smartphones and edit on the go, so that way, we can vlog and edit anywhere and at anytime.

Image by Sean MacEntee and used under Creative Commons License.
Image by Sean MacEntee and used under Creative Commons License.

After a brief talk, we engaged in an exercise where we were asked to video ourselves for 40 seconds about an interesting thing we had done during the week.  The next exercise we did required us to create a one minute vlog about something that needs more awareness – more like a pressing issue and a solution to that issue.

The last task of the day was to create a one minute vlog about “What Inspires Me”.  These videos were then entered into a competition in which the winner wins £2,000 for their youth organisation or school, one-to-one mentoring with YouTube, access to state of the art production space and the chance to attend the grand final at BAFTA!

The training was powered by the Jack Petchey Foundation and Media Trust in partnership with YouTube and the Evening Standard.

All in all, it was a great experience and I enjoyed the free one day workshop, because I learnt a lot and it was interesting to learn new tricks in terms of filming and vlogging.  I entered for the competition and hopefully I will find out if I was successful.

ChineloChinelo is currently studying Graphic Design, Photography and Media Studies at A-level and she is part of the Young People Insight community.  You can view some of Chinelo’s work on her blog, Kandiie Designs, and follow her on Twitter, @ChineloChizea.

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