Info for May’s Young People Insight Forum

Dreams are defined as a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal.  This a definition full of powerful words, showing the significance of dreams on our lives.  I think that dreams are incredibly important and so special, as they are our minds beginning to craft what we want from life.

However, it feels that too often, we don’t take the time to chase our dreams or take the necessary steps to make those dreams a reality.  What makes it worse is that we are not encouraged to pursue our dreams on many occasions, instead being pushed into what will be the most secure job or what will make us the most money, which I think is a travesty that needs to be addressed.

Dream Catcher
Photo by Orangefox and used under Creative Commons License.

This is why dreams will be the topic of focus at this month’s forum.  I want us to be able to share our dreams, but also discuss why we are not always encouraged to pursue them by our elders.

My dream is to open a youth centre, have a book published, and get married, which I intend to make it into a reality, in spite of the discouragement I might meet from those around me.

I haven’t reached my dream yet, but there are numerous young individuals who have reached their dreams, or on course to reaching them.  I’ve invited some of those young people to share their story and provide some inspiration.  Those speaking will be:

We’ll also be discussing how we can develop a YouTube channel and further elevate the media element of Young People Insight, in order for us to take it forward.

So if you’re 16-25, don’t miss the Young People Insight forum on Tuesday 17th May.  We’ll be meeting from 6.30-8.30pm in Project B (1 Bell Hill, Croydon CR0 1FB).  Be ready to speak your mind, ask questions and meet new people.

Young People Insight Forum- Project B

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