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Two double shootings in the space of a few hours in early May.  Three people stabbed over the bank holiday weekend and the Met revealing they had been called “to more than 9,000 knife crime incidents in London in the year ending April 2016”.  A Sunday Mirror investigation revealed that a child is arrested every two hours in the UK for carrying a knife.

Violent crime has infiltrated our community, causing serious damage.  These unnecessary crimes are destroying and ripping away the lives of individuals, whether it is literally taking their lives with a weapon or having their lives taken away by going to prison, not to mention what it does to the lives of the families involved.

It is a dire issue that continues to get worse, not better, and we don’t seem to have a way of stopping it.  The severity of the situation shows that what the police and government has been trying to do is not working, so it is up to us a community to try and rectify the problem before it spirals completely out of control.

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Hopefully, we can come up with some solutions at this month’s forum as we discuss violent crime, and work together to put them into action. We’ll be joined by representatives from One Minute in May and JAGS Foundation to help drive the discussions forward, so come ready with your questions, points to raise and your own stories.

So if you’re 16-25, don’t miss the Young People Insight forum on Tuesday 21st June.  We’ll be meeting from 6.30-8.30pm in Project B (1 Bell Hill, Croydon CR0 1FB).  This is an opportunity for you to speak your mind and meet new people.

Young People Insight Forum- Project B

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Who Is To Blame???

When it comes to the issue of knife crime, there are a number of factors to consider, as it doesn’t usually come to one thing. As young blogger Naiya asks, who or what do you think is to blame?

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Hey Readers, 

I apologise for the delay, but I have been doing so much but if you know me then you know that I will always have something to say or something to write about so please bare with me 🙂 

If you read my last post then you would have noticed that I did say that I would be doing a continuation and be addressing some of the “theories” about who is to blame for youth crime and knife crime. On this topic I have so much to say, I could go on for days…

While I no longer live in London, I am still very familiar with what has been happening over the previous weeks in the terms of knife crime and what I would like to do is present you all with some ideas and theories as to why so many young people have turned to…

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