Info for August’s Young People Insight Forum

Relationships, a topic so broad that we’re going to be talking about it again this month, following on from July’s discussion.

Relationships can be tough, so after talking about healthy relationships and communication last month, this time round we’ll be touching more on our expectations and what we want from our partners.  We’ll also spend a little more time on the emotional strains that can spring up from relationships, and how they may affect our interactions with future partners.

Love Locks

As promised, there will be a special focus on men this time, after focusing on women in July.  We’ll be asking why some males think discussing problems means drama, why they think it’s okay to discuss females in a disrespectful way and why some won’t take no for an answer when approaching a female.

We’ll also have a special presentation from a young person regarding some charity work they recently carried out, there’ll be a chance to win some L’S UP Official Clothing and I’ll be filling you in on my time spent with the European youth project, The Complete Freedom of Truth.


If you’re 16-25, you won’t want to miss this forum on Tuesday 16th August from 6.30-8.30pm in Project B (1 Bell Hill, Croydon CR0 1FB).  Come down and speak your mind, munch on some snacks and meet new people.

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