Returning to The Complete Freedom of Truth

On August 1st 2016,

I returned to The Complete Freedom of Truth,

This time in UK’s Bournemouth,

Rather than Bosnia,

Reuniting with friends of old,

Ready to meet the new.

Last year was amazing,

In some ways,

This year was even better,

Pushing us further as artists,

Even further as youth leaders.

We engaged in workshops,

Animation, theatre, radio, parkour,

Which is just a small selection,

As there were a lot more;

We contributed to discussions,

Listened intently to presentations,

Talking about Europe and the EU,

Learning more about refugees, the media

And Black Lives Matter too.

Talent found around every corner,

Art created behind every door,

Collaborations were a constant,

Bringing beautiful work to the fore.

We were treated to regular showings,

I even hosted a poetry/spoken word event,

All leading up to the final showcase

That brought TCFT close to an end.

Over 100 young people gathered together,

United by a common cause,

Wanting to create a better future,

A better Europe for us all.

We may be from seven different countries,

We may come from the East and West,

We may be of different ages, races,

Have different sexual orientations,

Different beliefs,

Or what the world calls a disability.

None of that matters though,

Because we know that we are the same,

Individuals, human beings,

With red blood running through our veins.

TCFT is one big family,

Allowing me to show my vulnerability,

I feel comfortable in their presence,

Feeling able to just be me.

Those two weeks in August

Got my creative juices flowing,

Repaired my connection with writing again,

I can’t wait for the next phase in Italy,

I’ll just have to create change in Croydon until then.

Me, Nomes and Sandra

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