Lost Communication

Inspired by the discussion on relationships in July and the emphasis on communication, this poem draws on our struggle to effectively communicate and how essential effective communication is for healthy relationships.

You talk to me,

I talk to you;



Sharing our thoughts,

Engaging in healthy discussion,

Solving conflict;

That is what communication,

Good communication, should be.

Somehow, we’ve lost it,

Unable to communicate productively

With each other;

Breakdowns leading to problems,

Petty arguments,

Pointless anger,

And worst of all,

Broken friendships,

Unhealthy relationships.

Our inability to communicate

Makes our relationships vulnerable,

Open to shots of assumption,

Bombs of misunderstanding,

And attacks from outsiders

Constantly looking in.

Embracing the technological

Rather than the physical,

Trying to solve domestics through DMs,

Airing dirty laundry on the TL,

When you should be looking into the eyes

Of the other,

Listening to the sound of their voice,

Coming from the movement of their lips,

Communicating the way

Nature intended it to be.

Too much time spent

Communicating with emojis,

Not enough time spent

Communicating with words from a dictionary.

Struggling to hold a conversation

Has become a regular thing,

Lacking substance,

A sense of maturity,

Making interactions boring.

It’s time to step up our communication,

Develop healthier relationships,

Spend more listening,

Less time yapping

And stop being so selfish;

Give more care to each,

Maturely talk through your mess,

But most importantly,

Peel your eyes away from that bright screen

To focus more on your loved one’s face.

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