Info for November’s Young People Insight Forum

After three forums that were very relationships focused, we have moved on to a topic that would fit more in the technological category, but has a link to relationships nonetheless.  Communication was one of the focal points when discussing relationships, and that is what this month’s topic is really all about.

Social media is centered on communication, whether we are communicating directly with our loved ones or communicating our thoughts through a post.  Social media is all about sharing and creating content for people to see, while also keeping in contact with others and developing our network.

What may have taken longer to achieve can now be done in over half the time through cyber space.  We can promote our businesses for free, make contacts from around the world and build our careers, simply by tapping on a phone, computer or tablet.

Image by geralt and used under Creative Commons License
Image by geralt and used under Creative Commons License

Despite being incredibly useful, social media is also a breeding ground for all kinds of negativity, cruelty and evil.  How many relationships have failed because of misunderstandings created by social media?  How many individuals have been subjected to cyber bullying or vicious cyber attacks by unknown faces behind a screen?  How many of you have become addicted to social media, lessening your ability to interact with others face-to-face?

We’ll be discussing both the good and bad sides of social media, something we as have young people have become reliant upon in our everyday lives.  If there are any questions you would like to ask or any aspect you would like to focus on, come ready to bring that to the discussion as well.  After all, this your platform just as much as it is mine.

For all of you who are 16-25, don’t miss the Young People Insight forum on Tuesday 15th November from 6.30-8.30pm in Project B (1 Bell Hill, Croydon CR0 1FB).  This is the chance for you to speak your mind, munch on some snacks and meet new people.


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