Crowdfunding Campaign Coming Soon

As you know, Young People Insight has been running as a physical platform for over a year now.  It has been empowering the voices of young people, and giving them the opportunity to speak their mind through forum discussions and poetry nights.

I’ve loved the journey so far, but I want to go further and empower the voices of young people in Croydon.  Through YP Insight, I want to get them more engaged in their community, develop their confidence and build their communication skills.

To do this, I’ve got something very special coming up.  I’ve been working hard on creating a crowdfunding campaign over the past two months and April 12th will see the launch of our campaign, ‘Empower Youth Voices’.

Through this campaign, I not only want to raise funds, but I want to raise awareness of YP Insight so that more work can be carried out through the platform.  Yet in order for it to be a success, I need support from you.  It may be by sharing this blog post and future posts on social media, telling people you know about the campaign or making a pledge when the campaign goes live.

It’s going to be exciting, so look out for the campaign on April 12th when it goes live on Fundsurfer.  You’ll be playing a part in Young People Insight by showing that our voices matter to you.  For now though, I want to say thank you for all of your support so far.  This would not work without you.

Stay updated with our campaign and all things Young People Insight by following @YPInsight on Twitter, following @youngpeopleinsight on Instagram, liking Young People Insight on Facebook and subscribing to the Young People Insight YouTube channel.


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