Info for April’s YP Insight Forum & Poetic Insight

Somehow, we’re already on to the month of April.  We’re one day away from the launch of our crowdfunding campaign, and of course we’ve got two more Young People Insight events coming up.

Alana wanted to talk about Synthetic Beauty vs Natural Beauty, and that will be the topic of conversation on April 18th at the YP Insight forum.  The ideals of beauty are constantly changing and the argument between synthetic or natural seems to constantly be in our faces, so I’m interested to see where this conversation will take us.

There are a whole lot of questions I could ask, but I’m going to save them for the day and let you come with any questions you want to raise.

If you’re 16-25, this is the opportunity for you to come and chill with us at Project B from 6.30-8.30pm, munch on some snacks and join the conversation.  It’s a fun night and all views are welcome, which is what makes the conversation so interesting. Let us know you’re coming by registering on Eventbrite.

Like the month of March, April’s Poetic Insight won’t have a theme, so every poet will have the opportunity to speak their mind on whatever they want.  Last month was powerful, so you won’t want to miss out.  If you want to perform, just send an email to or message me on 07910092565.

So save the date of April 25th and enjoy some inspiring poetry with us at Project B.  Doors open at 7pm, with performances starting at 7.15pm and the event concluding at about 9pm.  Get your free tickets now by registering on Eventbrite.

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