Guest Post: Insight into Culture Through Spoken Word

We’ll be talking culture next Tuesday at The Kickback, so in the lead up to our conversation, I wanted to have another voice outside of mine to have their say on culture.  Usaama Minhas has performed a number of spoken word pieces and related to culture.  Below is a selection of some of those pieces with his own commentary to tie them all together.

“You Don’t Always Have To Know Your Favourite Colour” offers an amusing insight into pursuing the Arts as a young person that comes from an immigrant background, where a career in theatre, music, poetry, photography and other mediums is not always encouraged.


Departing from that introspection, in “Renaissance”, Usaama tackles the culture of Hip Hop and the art of Emceein’, drawing parallels at many points between moments of turmoil in his personal life with his analysis of the game and the industry.


“What I Am Not” demolishes various minority stereotypes in a post-Brexit, post-Trump, increasingly Islamophobic and racist world. The poem offers humour, insight and hard-hitting truths.


On the other hand, in his first song release in four years, in “Why” Usaama departs from humour, conjecture, absurd lyricism, and speaks his mind in the most simple words and melodies, reflecting on Islamophobia, racism and police brutality.

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