Participants Share Their 2017 YP Insight Experience Pt. 2

As we approach our final event of 2017, when we’ll be looking back at another year of Young People Insight, some of the individuals who have been involved in the platform this year will be sharing their YP Insight experience in 2017.  Today, some first time participants and regular attendants share what the YP Insight events have been like for them.

The Kickback was an engaging, insightful, honest evening that left me inspired and hopeful. To hear a plethora of voices, both young & old, was a real pleasure. We spoke of culture, identity, oppression and history; however the uniting thread was the human experience. These varying perspectives were offered a platform through ambient setting & fluid conversation; I look forward to going back.

– Jenniah


Young People Insight is an excellent platform that provides an outlet for young adults to come together and engage in relevant discussions regarding current affairs. In addition to this, it provides a forum for up and coming poets to perform poetry on a wide array of pertinent subjects.

The host and the regular YPI audience are respectful and welcoming, and each performer receives a warm reception, both prior to and after a performance. I hope that 2018 sees the same level of commitment from its founder, Shaniqua Benjamin, as 2017 has been a fantastic year for Young People Insight.

– Liam (Annotate)


YP Insight for me has really been outstanding, the work that has been put in to each event this year is exactly what is missing and definitely needed from local communities and boroughs. Where the government has failed to accommodate for the young people’s voices and opinions, YPI has done more than just pick up the slack. I definitely feel that young people of today haven’t really been given that platform to really speak up on issues that affect their lives and decisions made on their behalf.

Through the monthly forums and poetry nights, YPI is giving people the platform to be heard and feel like someone is listening and taking notice, but not just voice our issues and opinions. YP Insight has also been great for connecting with some great people who you probably might not have met anywhere else. I’ve seen regular guests at the events grow from strength to strength, they have come out of their shell so much and that’s all down to YPI, giving us that stage.

We live in a very social media orientated society so most people usually only post their opinions through online web forums and Facebook/Twitter, so to have that platform where we can all meet face to face has been great.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to attend all the monthly events throughout the year but the ones I have been to have always been fantastic. You can just see the passion and graft that has been put in from the special guests brought in designated to each specific topic. YP Insight has touched on things that this government has failed to deal with or control, such as mental health and cyber bullying – to be able to really get stuck into such discussions has been a breath of fresh air to say the least.

2017 has been a great year in terms of what’s already been done and I can only expect bigger and greater things ahead from the YP Insight project.

– Hakeem


Young People Insight was a great space to express myself and listen to others within the community. The personal and collective struggles we face are vocalised through general conversations, as well as poetic art forms.

The atmosphere is always warm – I wouldn’t consider myself shy, but the space in which YPI operates in makes me feel very eager to participate in the discussions which covered a broad range of topics.

I don’t really perform my poetry often so the chances I had at the poetry nights alleviated that aspect of myself, as well as hearing other talented poets voice their truths.

Above all else, the platform itself is amazing, to all those that contribute and attend there is a unifying aura which allows me to connect with the others very easily. Very well done to Shaniqua for manifesting such a conducive platform, on a personal level, as well as for the community as a whole.

– Gus


I performed my first poetry piece at Poetic Insight some months ago in the month of July. I saw it as an opportunity for me to share my work with others, work that I was proud of and enjoyed writing. Although I was reasonably nervous about performing, I knew I was going to perform that night and believed it would be healthy progression for my self-development.

From what I had seen of the poetry nights on the Poetic Insight Facebook page prior to my performance, it seemed immensely appealing. I wanted to participate in this gathering of young people within the borough I am from. Not only for poetry based reasons, but also for socialising needs.

I was intentional and proactive in my hope of broadening my social circle, and obtaining opportunities to meet a diverse range of people. This setting proved to be ideal for socialising with various people who also appreciate creative outlets such as poetry. The environment and atmosphere was welcoming, pure, relaxing, safe, and worthwhile. I look forward to future times together.

– Jadi-Ann

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