Warped Structure

I want to sling a jack hammer, send it slicing through you
Watch your walls became dust.
Not that eyes can’t see your erosion.
Crumbling, subsiding, as every second passes
Yet standing firm, not tumbling down.

Restoration long overdue
Your warped structure poses constant danger
Wreaking havoc with lives has become normality.
Still you stand your ground
Firing canons on whoever fights to rebuild.

Looming down from your kingdom
Sealing off access to outsiders
Possessing tools to fix this calamity
Refusing to let your foundations in an ancient presence
Disappear from the midst of society.

Your falling debris the cause of deaths
Lawful brutality, scarring young for life.
Your deformity thrives
Discarded stones subside
Sucking up resources needed elsewhere.

You’re an eyesore, blocking out the sun.
Cracked and ugly, you should have been done away with long ago.
Driving me mad with fury
I know demolition is necessary
Your destruction cannot come soon enough.

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