First Timers Take Over Poetic Insight Stage

It was all about the first timers at Poetic Insight on March 27th, as most of the poets on the night were either taking to our stage for the first time or sharing their poems with an audience for the very first time.  This made me extremely happy, as I love welcoming new talent to … Continue reading First Timers Take Over Poetic Insight Stage

What are your thoughts on purpose?

After an unintentional month away, I was excited to be back at my YP Insight events, expanding my mindset and hearing from great people.  On March 27th, The Kickback provided its usual intriguing and dynamic conversation, taking a crazy amount of twists and turns as we spoke on the topic of 'Purpose'. I'm not going … Continue reading What are your thoughts on purpose?

Cutting Love

He waited until she was vulnerable. Delicate as gossamer, she lounged alone, droplets decorating her face. Perching next to her, he stroked the trickling dew from her eyes, carving out his introduction. She’d heard his name, vaguely glimpsed him Occasionally he cut into her thoughts. Never did she consider he’d ever incise his way into … Continue reading Cutting Love

What is Happiness?

For the first time, I could not be at The Kickback , so I was unable to take my usual notes.  However, Naomi Gabriel took over in my absence and here she provides insight into the conversation. The Kickback’s theme on February 20th theme was ‘What is Happiness?’ As Shaniqua was away in Belgium, Stephen … Continue reading What is Happiness?