Cutting Love

He waited until she was vulnerable.
Delicate as gossamer, she lounged alone, droplets decorating her face.
Perching next to her, he stroked the trickling dew from her eyes, carving out his introduction.

She’d heard his name, vaguely glimpsed him
Occasionally he cut into her thoughts.
Never did she consider he’d ever incise his way into reality.

Tentative to respond, she knew he was trouble.
Pain he caused, control he exerted not secret – public knowledge.
He’d make you feel good though, experience piercing feelings unaware you could reach.

The first “Hello” remedying and warm, unexpectedly so.
She smiled nervously; his striking grin had her soon entrapped
A hypnotising presence anaesthetising all thoughts of the world.

Coaxing his arms around her, softly grazing nails along skin
Until her troubled body reclined in his grips, unable to twist free
Whispering sweet lies all the while, make believing her best interests were whittled in his heart.

Sweetness of tongue turned sharp, steely words infiltrated her brain.
Convinced they were true, for the benefit of her good, even as they cut through her veins.
She took his instruments in hers, dug them into her skin, gripped him tighter. Bodies intertwined.

Thinking she’s taken the lead, handling how he handles her
Oblivious to his mastery and vampire smile.
Out of her depth, drowning in blood, the upper hand was always his.

Before she knew it, she was dragged in deep, lacking vigour to wade fee from his clutches.
Burrowing into flesh, he convinced her it would ease heartache and sorrow
Opening wounds for vigilant eyes to see, silently shouting he is in control.

Friends approached, attempting to prise her away, allure her to help
Except she believed she was in charge, had a grasp on him, able to free herself at any moment.
Outside help unnecessary, scars heal. She would be the one to end it.

He grins. She stays. Comfort found in sharpness of arms and coldness of face.
The glint of his eyes enticing, slicing to her soul.
No matter how much she wants to end scars inflicted, she’s drawn to pain, in love with the blade.


– Shaniqua Benjamin

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