Why I Am Taking Time Out to Heal

If you read last week’s blog post, you would have seen that the events taking place this month were going to be the last YPI events for a little while.  It’s not that YPI is going anywhere or quickly disappearing – I am simply in need of a break.  An extended one.

For the past few months, it has honestly been the thought of an extended break that has kept me going, through all the busy-ness and numerous events I have been putting on.  Knowing that I will have time to genuinely relax, clear my head and refresh has provided me with some kind of new found balance, which I have desperately needed.

Since launching YPI as a physical platform, I have barely taken time to stop and breathe.  There has been little moments of reflection here and there, as well as little breaks, but no substantial time for recovery.

As well as developing YPI over the past two years, I have been participating in TCFT and then putting on TCFT Croydon, working part-time, going on poetry courses, writing and performing poetry, crowdfunding, attending numerous meetings and events, consistently sending and responding to e-mails, putting on workshops and writing articles, as well as some other things.

This doesn’t even include my return to counselling, the grief caused by the death of three family members, the continued heartbreak from friends, the hurt caused by guys, my mental health struggles, and the consistent battles to stay positive, believe in myself and grow in confidence.

It has been a lot and I have gotten incredibly exhausted.  I found myself lost, my mind has been all over the place and I was beginning to shut down, which was not okay.

That is why I need this extended time away from YPI, to heal, reflect and work on myself.  I want to give my brain the opportunity to switch off a little, because it whirls around way too much, making deep, refreshing rest difficult to achieve.  I also want to spend a little more time focusing on the issues of my own heart, which are often neglected and need to be addressed.

I also intend on taking some of the time to give consideration to YPI, so it can continue to improve and reach more young people.  This platform is special and can do great things, but improvements and developments are very much-needed.

However, I am only one person and I cannot keep this platform going on my own, especially if I want it to grow.  Doing so much on my own is part of what brought me to the point of exhaustion and has made me want to give up on so many occasions.  It truly is a lot.

Across August, it is going to be a full on YPI break, with no events, blog posts, newsletters or social media posts at all – apart from the 1st to the 3rd August after our final July event.  However, our presence will return on social media towards the end of September, and then events, blog posts and newsletters will be back in October.

Don’t worry though, I’m not disappearing off the face of the earth.   I’ll be around to hang out with and my phone will be on, so you can catch me by text, WhatsApp or on social media.  This is actually a great opportunity to get to know more of you on a social level, which is an important element of YPI.

So try and make yourself available to come along to at least one of the YPI events this month, before the long break.  We’ve got:

  • TCFT Croydon 2018 performance at 6pm on Sunday 15th July at the Lansdowne Hotel
  • Poetic Insight: Thornton Heath Arts Week at 6pm in Thornton Heath Library
  • The Kickback: Let’s Talk About Goals at 6.30pm in Project B
  • Poetic Insight: Dreams & Goals at 7pm in Project B

The events are all going to be amazing and I’m excited for them, although I am more excited about the break that’s following.  I cannot expresses how much this time out is necessary, and I would recommend that you take time out for yourself to reflect and recuperate, because it is so important for your emotional and mental state.  Hopefully I will see some of you soon.

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