Unsuspecting Love

With it being all about love this month, our founder, Shaniqua, shares a poem about one of her great loves.

She never understood why men wept at football until basketball penetrated her heart.
Falling in love tens of years after watching the sport live
drawn in naturally;
the relationship evolving, becoming a meaningful part of her life.

First, she flirted with the NBA, watching Lakers vs. Magic in the Finals,
Then she got involved with the NCAA
With her first glimpse of Tyler Hansborough winning MOP in the National Championship Game.
The relationship fully started when Celtics and Lakers went to Game 7 of the NBA Finals,
Getting serious, and no going back, when she saw Maya Moore playing for UConn.

Emotionally connected to players and teams
their highs and lows hers too,
Overcome with joy at wins and highlights
sadness taking hold of her body when living through significant losses.

Warm salty drops ran down her face when Kobe announced his retirement,
She couldn’t hold them back through smiles at Isaiah Austin’s ceremonial pick in the draft.
She grinned at the thrill of Tim Duncan’s Spurs revenge against LeBron’s Miami Heat,
And the tears streamed when UConn lost to Notre Dame in the Final Four
ridding Maya of a third straight title to complete her college career –
never able to watch that game in full.

She squealed with glee when the 16-seed knocked off no. 1 for the first time,
Her heart filled with pride at the Lynx’s dynasty rise and Becky Hammond the first female coach in NBA history to be hired,
Although watching the struggles of players like Derrick Rose always made her heart ache.

She falls in love even deeper every time March comes around,
Her whole body reacting and passion burning hot from the exhilaration of the Madness,
Tears expected as she becomes more invested,
win or lose, her team playing or not.

Stay updated with all Shaniqua is getting up to by following her on Twitter: @ShanqMarie



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