Alien Word

This month, we’re all about respect and consent.  Shaniqua has shared a poem that fits in with the themes and help to get our conversations started.

Extracted from your vocabulary, a simple word powerful in execution,
a word you should have learnt to use –
Control –
having power to influence or determine your behaviour.
Why is it an alien concept you struggle to possess?
Society’s patriarchal stance,
or is it masculinity’s toxicity,
that has made it so control is often distorted or ignored?
Throwing every dictionary excuse into conversation,
excluding the decision to exercise control,
certain a woman’s anatomy should be yours
stripping her only to flesh desired, ignoring the breathing soul.
Neglecting substance as the craving for sweet cherry overpowers,
at times overpowering her to take a taste of what you believe is rightfully owed;
other times “harmless” pressure will get what you crave
pushing down enough for her to succumb and splatter
allowing you to partake of her juices –
Not so sweet on her end.
If the cherry’s taken off the table
her being sours to obsolete,
downgraded without the offer of what’s between her legs
nothing more than a walking snack or play thing.
A snack to be eaten
a plaything to be gripped,
meeting your needs on every whim.
No longer feeling it necessary to control your urges,
playing ignorant of the word.

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