YPI Spotlight: Aadam Speaks

In this month’s YPI Spotlight segment, we shine the spotlight on Poetic Insight favourite and enthusiastic member of the YP Insight Family member, Aadam Speaks, who is using his voice to change the world.

‘Let’s start putting the word human into humanity.’

My name is Adam Khaliq – also known as Aadam Speaks – I am a spoken word artist, actor, performer & speaker based in London.

I started performing spoken word around one year ago, in an attempt to use my skills of performing to try and change this world – it’s a big statement but I truly believe that with hard work I can do exactly that! I am currently trying to juggle a BA Politics degree at SOAS – University of London, part time work and my dreams of being a world-renowned speaker. It’s definitely hard, but nothing worth having comes easy, right?

Whilst searching for possible platforms to perform my spoken word I came across Young People Insight. Instantly I felt appreciated. I felt as though YPI was a family & a major part of that was the support the founder (Shaniqua) gave me. Although YPI is a platform I struggle to visit regularly (because I have to catch a flight to Croydon) I leave every event knowing I am more than welcome back any time!

Since last year, I’ve performed at several universities, charity events and spoken word nights. Most recently, I delivered a TEDx talk in the acclaimed Barbican Centre. I mention this particular achievement for a reason – not to boast, not to come across as arrogant but to show everyone that hard work truly pays off.

When I started my spoken word journey, I had an ambition – to deliver a TEDx talk. I applied for many and had been rejected by many, many organisers. I didn’t let it hold me back, I had faith, I knew that maybe it wasn’t my time. I’m not going to lie, there were times where I felt like giving up – I even rejected a TEDx interview because I felt as though I wasn’t ready. However, once I got that important YES by TEDxSquareMile I made sure I made the most of that opportunity, I ran with it and never looked back

Life is hard. Life will throw in hurdles and obstacles, ups and downs. It’s up to you if you stay down, if you let that rejection hold you back, if you let THEM tell you you’re not good enough. Or you can get up, have faith in your ability, try, try & try again. Write down your goals, envision them, go make them into a reality because time, time doesn’t wait for anyone so what are you waiting for, go out into this world and get what’s yours!

If not you, who? If not now, when?

I’ve been Aadam Speaks. I am going to help those who cry, I am going to help those who cannot sleep at night, I am going to help those with eyes full of fright and if you want to do the same, maybe just maybe we can change this world one step at a time.

Find Adam on all social media platforms with the handle @aadamspeaks.

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