What’s Coming Up in April?

The clocks have gone forward and the sun is shining longer, which means that spring is officially here!  Spring is a great season, with beautiful blossoms blowing in the air and of course, more great YPI events.  You’re going to love what we’ve got in store for you this month.

The Kickback

We’ve got another big conversation in store for you in April, as we will be talking Sexual Orientation, as suggested by Jessica, but Mhairi will be taking the lead on the night.  This is a very important conversation, especially with all of the news stories and debates taking placing about LGBTQ+ education in schools.

We’ll be at Project B from 6.30-8.30pm on April 16th, so make sure you get the date, time and place in your diary so you do not miss out on the conversation.  We really want as many voices of possible to be represented and contribute, so please spread the word far and wide.  Remember, there are snacks too.  You can get your free tickets now: bit.ly/letstalksexualorientation

Poetic Insight

The theme for this month’s Poetic Insight is Happiness, which is a theme we’ve never had before, but it is sure to be really beautiful.  Happiness doesn’t seem to be something we focus on often enough and it will be a lovely change in dynamics for our poetry night.  If you want to share poetry or spoken word on the night, please email youngpeopleinsight@gmail.com.  However, if you don’t feel comfortable getting on stage, you can send us your poems to post right here on the blog.

It really is set to be a beautiful night, so you’ll want to be at Urban XChange Bar & Grill on April 30th from 7-9pm.  Get your free tickets here: bit.ly/poeticinsight-happiness

Although this isn’t coming up this month and is more of an ongoing thing, we really want to encourage more of you to contribute to the YPI blog, because it is important to us that your authentic voices are heard.  You can send in your personal stories, poetry or thought pieces related to recent news events.  We want to hear from you, so email youngpeopleinsight@gmail.com with your ideas.

Also, there is a story about us up on East London Lines, so please give it a read and share, because we cannot spread the word without all of you.  We love you always and hope that you have a very happy April.  See you soon.

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