All Smiles and Warmth at Poetic Insight

Smiles decorated the faces of everyone in the room at Poetic Insight on April 30th, with the warmth and good vibes being felt on the night stemming from our theme of Happiness.  Mhairi was adamant that this be one of the themes at Poetic Insight this year, as poetry and spoken word can be very deep and dark at times, so she wanted to enjoy a night of poetry that was a bit lighter.  This seemed to go down really well and led to a beautiful night that was enjoyable for everyone in attendance.

Luca was first onstage, returning to share a sweet and heartwarming monologue about the importance of smiling, which definitely had all of us smiling along with him.  He was followed by Jessica, who shared the beautiful poem about her daughter that we have come to love so much.

Script Index returned to Poetic Insight, not to perform poetry, but to show us love and drop some positive words of encouragement on the stage, which made us feel all happy inside.  Script Index also brought along his friend, Splitmindpoet, who blew all of us away by stepping on to our stage for the first time to share a raw and open poem about how far she’s come on her journey – it was emotional.

Elisha dropped some beautiful words all about happiness to not only inspire us, but also to encourage us to lift each other up.  Elisha provided one of the most memorable and touching moments of the night when he brought his best friend, Jessica, to tears with his appreciative words for her – this is what makes Poetic Insight special.

Mhairi returned to the Poetic Insight stage for the first time in a while to read a wonderful poem called Laugh, which was all about the beauty of feelings and making the most of the joy in life.  Then it was time for Natalie to close out the show in style, making everyone laugh with a witty poem about London that we could all relate to.  It was the perfect way to end an event that was all about happiness.

A big thank you to all of the poets, spoken word artists and audience members who brought the joy, talent and positive energy to Poetic Insight – it would have been a very dull and different night without you.  You are all loved very much and bring happiness to this dark world.  Keep sharing your smiles and words with others, and get ready for next month with the theme will be Mental Health.

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