Mental Struggle

Following on from her Mental Health Awareness Week post and leading up to The Kickback and Poetic Insight, Shaniqua shares a poem about how it feels to struggle mentally.

How can you find peace when the inner depths of you is a living hell?
Your own mind determined to destroy you from inside out
Send thoughts into meltdown until gunky mess is all that’s left,
Poisoning the rest of character and body, writing for torment to end.

No matter how hard you try to claw your way out
Fighting through darkness and flames to find natural light
It finds a way to drag you back into its bottomless pit
Scratching and screaming, because being re-captured by despair is the very last thing you want.

Hoping you’ll escape somehow or some way, as this is no place for a mind to find itself in,
Preferring it to be immersed in brightly coloured bubbles floating up towards a smiling sky
Popping when they’re good and ready, because that is just what bubbles do;
Not causing hurt or giving false senses of security.

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