What’s Coming Up in June?

It’s actually mad.  We’re already halfway through the year, which means that we’re halfway through another calendar of YPI events.  All of the events that have already taken place have been unique and rich in their own way, bringing a different flavour each time but always bringing people together.

This month, we will be focusing on Youth Violence, which continues to be an important topic that needs addressing year on year.  Youth Violence is also one of the issues that is at the heart of YPI, as knife crime was one of the original focal points when our founder started the blog.  It has always been about not only looking at the issue, but trying to get to the root causes and effectively address those, as too many young lives are being lost and continually affected by it.

The Kickback

We’ll be starting with a conversation on Youth Violence at The Kickback, which will definitely be lively and necessary.  This won’t be the first time we’re speaking about Youth Violence, but every year brings something new and this year should be no different.

What is imperative about this event though, is that as many young voices are represented and heard as possible, because too many conversations are had about youth violence without youth in the room, particularly youth who have been directly affected by violence.

We’ll be back Project B from 6.30-8.30pm on the 18th June, so put all the information in your calendar, then tell a friend to tell a friend, because we want to hear from as many of you as possible.  Your voices are important and deserve to be heard, even if what you have to say may be a little murky to some.  Register for free now: bit.ly/letstalkyouthviolence19

Poetic Insight

The focus on Youth Violence will continue at Poetic Insight, giving you the chance to express your thoughts, feelings and experiences through poetry and spoken word.  We encourage you to be as raw, real and honest as you want, because that is only when the biggest impact will be felt and change will begin to take place.

If you want to share poetry or spoken word on the night, please email youngpeopleinsight@gmail.com, but if getting on stage isn’t your thing, you can send us your poems to post here on the blog.

It is going to be a powerful, unmissable night, so get 7-9pm on the 25th June at Urban XChange Bar and Grill in your calendars now.  And if you just want to be a part of the audience, get your free tickets at bit.ly/poeticinsight-youthviolence

We would also love for your voices to be heard and represented on the blog all throughout this month, because it is your voices that will enable us to change the narrative and combat all of the negativity that comes from the press.  We want to publish your poems, personal experiences and thought pieces on youth violence throughout June, so email us at youngpeopleinsight@gmail.com with anything you would like to share.

Make the most of the month of June and we hope to see you at either of our events, or hear from you about pieces to post on the blog.  Your voices are important to us and need to be heard, so spread the word as much as you can.  Lots of love to you all.

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